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The underestimated chair - August 2014

Perhaps you can still remember the old chair I planned to restore to beauty and functionality. It is finished and it only took me thousands of hours of work and patience. I will never ‘just do’ something ever again. *lies*

It came out quite pretty though. Only drawback now is that the 3 other chairs look even crappier than before.

Gesichtsbemalungsversuche - 26.07.2014

I’m trying out facepaint styles for next weekend’s fantasy/renaissance faire (Mittelalterliches Phantasie Spectaculum, to be precise) - which we will go to as we’ve done every year since moving to Cologne.
It’s one of the few traditional things in my life and holy fuck, I’m SO looking forward to it. :DDD
Meeting all my fantastic friends, dressing up in our handmade dresses (thanks again, Fo!), drinking Kirschbier and Met, listening to great folk music and just enjoying the excellent atmosphere… ^.^

Still, not sure if this is too much fake blood? Too little? What do you guys think?